No Bad Mail website image No Bad Mail Internet mail:
  • anti-spam filters
  • anti-virus filters
  • address verification
  • mail message rules/filters
  • and more ...
Our email system keeps your Internet mail inbox clean from unwanted mail.
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We mean what we say.     NO BAD MAIL.
Does your mail behave the way you want it to?

The No Bad Mail Internet mail service will scan your mail for virus, spam, and blacklisted sources. No Bad Mail has a challenge and response sender verification system that you will not find anywhere else. This Internet mail service has the ability to sync your mail folders for all of your mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

No Bad Mail website image Have you ever used your mail client to make a message rule or mail filter so that certain mail is delivered to specific folders instead of directly to your inbox? Do you notice that every time you use your phone, tablet, or PC that the newly recieved mail isn't filtered to the same folders consitently? The unfiltered mail still appears in the inbox on your different devices. You find you're either adding the same rules to each device separately or manually moving the mail messages where you want them to go.

We have the answer to sync all your mail rules / filters/ folders on all your devices. Use the No Bad Mail webmail interface to access your mail from any internet browser. Use the No Bad Mail 'Mail Filters' option to sort your mail to specific folders, or have the mail deleted so you never see it! All of your devices that access your mail will have the same mail rules and filters, and you can be sure you only see the mail you want in your inbox.

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